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Employee Policies

Employment Screening

All positions are contingent upon successful completion of a credit check, drug test, and background screening.

Dress Code

The dress code for The First State Bank is as follows: Female employees are requested to wear a dress or; a skirt or dress pants with a jacket, blazer, or an acceptable blouse or top. Male employees are requested to wear ties, dress shirt and pants.


Free Bill Pay and Bill Scanning

First State Bank employees receive free online banking, bill pay and paper bill scanning valued at $6.95 a month.

Health Reimbursement Accounts

The Health Reimbursement Accounts (Vested Health) are individual health reimbursement arrangements that the bank established to help pay employees’ medical expenses. The bank pays 100% of the cost for each participating employee, including all monthly allotments, and all administrative and annual fees.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Employees may elect to contribute money per pay period to a Flexible Spending Account (TASC), which allows the employee to pay for eligible health care expenses on a pre-tax basis.

Employees may also elect to contribute money per pay period to a Dependent Care Account (TASC), which allows the employee to pay for eligible employment-related dependent care expenses on a pre-tax basis. The bank pays all administrative costs associated with the Flexible Spending Accounts.

If a full-time employee is permanently disabled for 90 days, they are eligible to receive 66 2/3% of their salary to age 65. The 66 2/3% of the basic monthly earning can not exceed a maximum monthly benefit of $10,000.00. The First State Bank pays 100% of the long-term disability premium for full-time employees.


For the calendar year beginning January 1, leave benefits include: Personal/short-term absence days, Vacation time and Holiday time; In addition, The First State Bank has provisions for bereavement leave, jury duty leave, military leave, and family and medical leave.

Workers Compensation

The bank pays 100% of the cost of coverage for workers compensation, including all administrative expenses.

Life Insurance

All full-time employees have individual coverage for group term life insurance in the amount of two and half times their annual salary. The bank pays 100% percent of the premium cost for each full-time.

Social Security

The First State Bank contributes to and also forwards employee withholding taxes under FICA (Federal Insurance Contributions Act which includes Social Security and Medicare benefits) on your behalf. These benefits provide each working American with retirement income and also provide income security to employees in the event of disability, income security to surviving members of deceased workers’ families, and hospital insurance for the aged and the disabled. You may request a Personal Earnings and Benefit Statement (PEBES) from the Social Security Administration to verify your earnings records and receive an estimate of your future Social Security benefits. You may request a statement online at


The bank sponsors an ESOP retirement plan in which eligible employees may participate. Employees may make pre-tax contributions in the 401 K portion of the plan and, based on profitability; the bank may make a matching contribution to the amounts employees have contributed. The bank pays for all of the administration expenses.

Please realize that this benefits listing is not a legal document. All benefits are governed by the actual benefit plans, which have precedence over the information reported in this listing. The First State Bank reserves the right to change, suspend, or cancel its benefit policies or practices with or without notice.

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