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How to Enroll

Simply fill out our Online Enrollment Form and send it to us via email, fax, or stopping by one of branches. One of our Customer Service Representatives will set you up and email your confirmation (Which will include your username and temp password). Then you’re ready to use online banking!


Online Banking has many features to enhance your banking experience. This includes funds transfers, account histories, e-statements, and much more! Read about each feature in depth below.

Account History

View all of your accounts’ transaction and check histories. You can see all of your deposits, withdrawals, cleared checks, and debit card transactions same day! Your account histories can also be exported and saved for later and also can be imported into your accounting software (Such as Quickbooks).

Funds Transfer

Easily transfer funds between your accounts with a click of a button! Funds Transfers are instant and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also create a recurring transfer to occur automatically at your convenience!

Bill Payment

Now pay all of your bills online! Add any payees you need and begin paying your bills electronically! Bill payment saves all your payees in one convenient place and allows you to set up recurring payments so you never forget to pay a bill again.

eStatements ››

Now view all your statements online! E-Statements allow you to view you statements on the day they come out and keep them all in one convenient place.
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Address Change

Request an address change through online banking!

Stop Payments

Need a payment or check stopped? Request an stop payment through online banking!

Check Reorder

Reorder checks for any of your checking accounts! NOTE: Charges may apply


Set up email or text alerts when a check clears, when your balance drops below a certian amount, and much more!


Commercial Only Pay your employees via ACH payroll! Never have to cut checks on payday again with our payroll services!

ACH Payments

Commercial Only Never have to worry about cutting checks again to pay your business’s bills or when you will recieve payments from a customer. With our ACH Payments, payments are quick and easy!

Wire Transfer

Commercial Only Request to send funds from your account to another account at another financial institution.

User Management

Commercial Only Manage your users’ access to company accounts in online banking, and control what accounts they can view or manage.

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