Remodel, add a pool, purchase a vehicle, or even pay for education.

A Home Equity Line of Credit* allows you to use the equity built up in your home to finance projects, vacations or any other purchase. This flexible, open-ended line of credit is designed to give you control. The line of credit is secured with a mortgage on your home. In most cases the interest is tax deductible*.

The Home Equity Line of Credit can be paid down and then readjusted up to the maximum any time during the first 10-year period. The Home Equity Line of Credit provides you with checks you may write yourself. You receive a monthly statement showing the current interest rate, your payment amount, finance charge for the current month and any activity for the current statement period. Once approved for a credit-limit – you use the funds simply by writing a check – and you only pay interest on the actual amount used.

  • Open-ended line of credit
  • 10-year draw period with 5-year repayment
  • Line of credit secured by your home
  • Low monthly payments
  • Write yourself checks for cash as you need
  • Pay interest only on amount used
  • Receive detailed monthly statements
  • Adjustable interest rates – tied to Wall Street Journal Prime (5.25% APR)** plus .40% APR  up to .55% APR (spread based on credit score and then loan value)

Terms and Conditions: Line of credit amount of $20,000 a fully drawn line would result in a monthly payment of $250.00 based off the terms and conditions of the loan agreement that states that the customer will be billed 1.25% of the outstanding balance each month compiling interest at a rate of Prime plus .40% APR up to .55% APR.  Rates and terms are subject to change based on market conditions and borrower eligibility and may not be available at commitment of closing.

*Home Equity Lines of Credit include a $50.00 annual fee. Interest rate is a variable rate. Home Equity Lines of Credit are 15 year term, with the first 10 years as the draw period and the final five years as the repayment period. A $250.00 fee will assessed as a prepayment penalty if there is a prepayment in the first 3 years. Consult a tax advisor regarding the deductibility of interest.

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