The following Fees may be assessed against your account and the following transaction limitation, if any, apply to your account.

For questions or concerns, please contact us at (304) 736-5271 or email us.

Replace Lost ATM/Debit Card $7.00
Photo Debit Card $7.00
Check Printing Depends on Style of Check Ordered
Temporary Checks 6 for $5.00
Cashier’s Checks $5.15
Bank Money Orders $3.00
Deposited Checks (and Other Items) Returns Unpaid $3.00
Overdraft/Insufficient Funds(Paid)* $30.00
Insufficient Funds Fee (Returned) $32.00
Account Activity Printout $3.00
Balance Inquiry by Telephone $5.00 (after third inquiry weekly)
Account Research $50.00/hour ($25.00 minimum)
Account Balance Assistance $10.00/hour ($5.00 minimum)
Photo images of checks $3.00
Telephone Transfers $2.00
Telephone Payment from Checking to Bank $2.00
Stop Payments – (all items) $34.74
Account Closed within 90 Days of Opening $25.00
Photocopies $0.20/copy plus tax
Wire Transfers
          Outgoing $15.00
          Incoming $15.00 for non-deposit customers
Online Banking Free
Online Bill Pay Free
Expedited Electronic Checks $8.00
Expedited Overnight Checks $25.00
Non-Scheduled ACH Payment $25.00
Dormancy Fee (Monthly) $2.00 (Balance Under $100 & Inactive for 1 year)
Paper Statement Fee $3.75
Non-Scheduled ACH Payment $25.00

Safe Deposit Rentals Availability and Fees are Available Upon Request – Get more Info

Created by Check, In-Person Withdrawal, ATM, or Other Electronic Means

Last updated June 25, 2018. The online fee table may be changed at anytime without notice. The online fee table should be used for reference only and is not a legal document.